HMFH Architects

A Piece of History:
Saugus Iron Works

Our design team for the new Saugus Middle/High School recently visited the Saugus Iron Works, a national historic site, to gain a greater understanding of the town’s history, culture and context. Known as the birth place of the iron and steel industry, Saugus was a center for the production of wrought iron and cast iron products when the Iron Works was active from 1646 to approximately 1670.

The National Register of Historic Places calls the Saugus Iron Works “the first chapter in America’s book.” Our design team learned about the significance of the site and got a feel for what life may have been like in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 17th century. The team explored the site’s working waterwheels, hot forges, mills, and a historic 17th century home along the banks of the Saugus River.