HMFH Architects

HMFH Opts Into a 100% Renewable Energy Program

As part of our commitment to exercise leadership in the maintenance of the built environment through the careful stewardship of our natural resources, we have committed to buy 100% clean electricity for our Cambridge office. We’ve joined the City of Cambridge’s new Community Electricity Program, which provides 100% energy from local renewable energy projects in New England.

Through the program, residents and businesses that receive Eversource Basic Service will automatically be enrolled in the Standard Green option, which includes 25% more solar energy than required by the state. HMFH has opted to go beyond this and enroll in 100% Green at a slightly higher rate, which takes effect beginning with the August utility bill.

We hope that by opting in to clean energy, we can elevate our office policies and practices to affect change in our local community and to continue to advocate for our sustainable vision.

Learn more about the Cambridge Community Electricity Program here.