HMFH Architects

2018 Promotions

These four individuals have each made unique contributions, not just to the success of the firm, but to the character of our office as a rewarding and enjoyable place to work.

George Metzger, AIA President and Senior Principal

HMFH is pleased to recognize the following individuals and their contributions to the success of the firm:

Alicia Crothers, AIA, promoted to Associate

Alicia provides a fresh and clear voice for design excellence and helps to steer complex projects toward feasible solutions. Her expertise and experience in higher education and institutional projects, paired with her ability to bring people together around ideas, continually enhance HMFH’s capabilities.

Liza Bouton, promoted to Associate

As the Marketing Manager, Liza works to translate ideas into actionable plans that reinforce the firm’s message and put forward HMFH’s core values. With a steady and consistent voice, she prioritizes competing needs and brings systematization to the firm’s efforts. Through her leadership in the creation of the firm’s new website and social media presence, Liza has provided greater transparency into HMFH’s process, people, and beliefs.

Robert Williams, AIA, promoted to Senior Associate

Robert has quickly grown into a leader both inside and outside of the office. In his role as Project Manager, he combines creative, nimble design thinking with initiatives that deliver exceptional client service. These efforts result in school projects that advance design goals while remaining grounded in realistic solutions. Within the office, he has spearheaded the firm’s mentoring program and is actively involved in business development efforts.

Erica Metzger, promoted to Senior Associate

In her position as HR and Operations Manager, Erica oversees an ever-widening array of operations and functions. Because of her deep organizational knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to each individual’s needs, she is the one to whom we all turn for help. Her fingerprints are on all aspects of life at HMFH; her selfless and skillful commitment holds our practice together, keeps us informed and engaged, promotes professionalism at all levels, and creates a rewarding work environment for all.