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Intern Spotlight: Jasmin Dickinson

We’re committed to sharing our expertise with the next generation of architects—and, in turn, to sharing the work they do here at HMFH in their internships and co-op experiences. Next, we’d like to introduce Jasmin Dickinson: third-year architecture student at Northeastern University who joined us on co-op this year.

Since joining HMFH in the spring, Jasmin has quickly made herself indispensable. Whether helping the Saugus Middle/High School team meet deadlines and complete detailed submittals, or assisting the Bristol County Agricultural High School team with drawings, models, and project documents, chances are she’s lent a helpful hand somewhere in the process. On top of being a thoughtful, talented, and collaborative team member on our projects, Jasmin is always a friendly face in the officeand a champion of afternoon planking breaks! We sat down to chat with her about her experiences so far and what the future holds.

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Pownal, VT, a very small and rural town that borders Williamstown, MA and Hoosick, NY.

What drew you to architecture? 

I got into architecture for stereotypical reasons: I liked art and math. I stayed in architecture because I realized it was a concrete philosophy: the projects you choose (or choose not) to take on, the priorities you make throughout design, the needs you choose to address, are all indicative of some greater value system. To me, architecture seemed like a field where a lot of “good”in the utilitarian sense of the termcould be done.

What’s something you’ve learned about architecture this year?

There are so many things I have learned about architecture at HMFH! I am still new to the world of architecture (outside of theory or design classes and studios). I have learned about the design phases and the process of getting a design physically built. I have learned the standard ADA height for light switches, outlets, and fire pull stations. I know that standard sprinklers cover a 7’ radius and must reach wall-to-wall.

What’s been your favorite experience at HMFH?

The Saugus team asked me to design a carpet layout for their library and that was a lot of fun. I contacted the representative of the products we were looking at using, ordered samples, decided which colors and styles were preferable, then created a photorealistic layout in Illustrator.

What’s next for you?

I’ll be living in Segovia, Spain for a semester, studying architecture at IE university. As part of Northeastern University’s architecture program, I get to study abroad for a semester. Half of my classmates are there now, while the other half are on co-op. I’m excited to be living with two other architects while I’m there!

Do you have any advice for fellow future architects?

Take a philosophy class.

We thank Jasmin for all her time, help, and enthusiasm—and wish her the best on her studies and adventures ahead!