HMFH Architects

2020 Promotions

This year HMFH recognizes two individuals whose dedication and enthusiasm have greatly impacted the firm’s projects and culture.

Alicia Crothers, AIA, LEED AP | Promoted to Senior Associate

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Alicia Crothers, AIA, LEED AP to Senior Associate. Alicia has had a significant and growing impact on both the process and implementation of design thinking at HMFH. She is inquisitive, open, and persistent in her pursuit of design excellence in every aspect from initial concept to final detailing of a project and has become a role model. Her ability to help establish clear design goals and then, through every phase of the project, move closer to the realization of those goals has strengthened the design discipline dialogue across the firm. This promotion recognizes her invaluable role as design leader and mentor.


Julie Darling, AIA | Promoted to Associate

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Julie Darling, AIA to Associate. In her roles as a Project Architect and leader of HMFH’s IT Advisory Committee, Julie is adept at managing complex needs and priorities while developing workable solutions. Her enthusiasm about how the latest technology can aid the design process has helped us further our design goals. She regularly shares her knowledge with others in the industry to promote the use of these tools across the profession. Her willingness and ability to step into any situation to help solve a problem have earned her the trust and respect of her colleagues and clients alike and are models for emerging leadership at HMFH.