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New Views: Sketches and Reflections from Home

Like many workplaces, HMFH has instituted a work from home policy. Collaborating together while physically distant brings unique challenges, like navigating digital conferencing technology and balancing family and work under one roof. To bridge some of that distance, we paused for a moment of sketching and reflecting to share our views with one another.

Using pen and pencil, watercolors, and even digital media, HMFHers sketched and rendered the view from home: where we work or what we see while we do. The results—office-scapes, window details and views, backyards, birds, and trees—gave us the chance to share our views with one another at our virtual “Pencils Down, Glasses Up” social hour (one of our in-office traditions, now hosted online). And setting aside time to create these views, taking a break from our screens to put pencil to paper or stretch our artistic muscles, gave us an opportunity to reflect on new routines, habits, and surroundings of our work.

Header illustration by Gary Brock AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate at HMFH Architects.


If you can, enjoy the quiet moments and surround yourself with peaceful elements that will get you through the day.”

TRACEY CLARKE | Project Accounts Manager and Associate, HMFH Architects



I rely on looking out the window regularly to take a break from the computer screen and notice the weather, light, and nature as it changes throughout the day.” 

LORI COWLES AIA, ALEP, LEED AP BD+C | President and Principal, HMFH Architects


Do you have any habits or rules to get yourself in the zone to work? 

Exercise every morning and do the Boston Globe’s Sudoku.

What piece of advice do you have for working from home? 

Get a comfortable chair! Take time for lunch. Stick your head out of doors at least once a day. And plank every day!


Senior Principal, HMFH Architects

It’s great to see my backyard at different times during the day. I enjoy watching my flowers grow so much!

Melissa Greene AIA, LEED AP BD+CAssociate, HMFH Architects

What medium did you use to create your view? 

Colored pencil.

Have you noticed anything new about your view since working from home? 

How much the light changes throughout the day.

Senior Associate, HMFH Architects

Safely surround yourself with good company, either virtually or with roommates. This can be a lonely time; it’s important to have somebody there so you don’t forget that you’re not the only one out there.

Cam ChristopherHMFH Architects

Have you noticed anything new about your view since working from home? 

Snow covered the grass and all things flowering not long ago. Now there are new buds and blossoms making an appearance. Many birds and animals live in the Linden tree. My Quince bush blossomed, and it is the most extraordinary color. 

What piece of advice do you have for working from home? 

Remember everyone is doing the best they can.

Interior Design Manager, HMFH Architects

Even in a small apartment, make your work station a place you enjoy! And work near a window to get your Vitamin D.

Maddie LaBergeHMFH Architects

What medium did you use to create your view?  

Eyes, hand, pencil, and pen.

What piece of advice do you have for working from home?

Keep your workspace clear and uncluttered.

What are you most excited for the day we return to the office?  

Welcoming everyone back.

Senior Principal, HMFH Architects

You have to go with the flow when kids are around. You may try to schedule your day but their needs and clocks don’t necessarily follow meeting schedules. We are all doing our best.

Sara Rosenthal AIA, LEED AP BD+CHMFH Architects