HMFH Architects

HMFH Joins Material Bank's Carbon Neutral Program as a Founding Partner Firm

As part of our continued commitment to carbon neutral emissions, HMFH recently partnered with Material Bank, the world’s largest material marketplace, as a founding firm in their Carbon Neutral Partner Firm Program.

Through this new initiative, Material Bank is committed to offsetting 100% of the emissions associated with shipping the materials in their sample library. Material sampling is an essential service for us as architects and designers, allowing us to carefully test and select the materials, finishes, and colors used to create beautiful and integrated designs.

A member of the Mindful Materials A&D engagement working group and a leader of our sustainability committee, our own Alexandra Gadawski helped facilitate the firm’s decision to join as a founding partner. As a leader in the design industry, we are invested in the environmental impact of our profession and proudly take this next step in our commitment to a more sustainable, resilient future.