HMFH Architects

2021 Promotions

We are pleased to announce the promotion of the following individuals in recognition of their leadership in design, office wide operations, research, and client support.


Erica Metzger

We have always been justifiably proud of our employee-based culture at HMFH, but Erica has brought that culture to a whole new level. It can be easy to overlook the behind the scenes complexity and challenges of operating a 60+ person firm, particularly when it is operating so flawlessly. Erica has a gift of being clear and straightforward while also remaining open and sensitive to each individual concern. Whether on-boarding a new employee, overseeing daily operations, or responding to a unique work from home challenge, we all rely on her for advice, guidance, and support. With her unflagging resourcefulness and an eye always on the big picture, she brings her clear vision of the future to this new leadership position.

Robert Williams, AIA

Bobby’s leadership is evident across the firm: mentoring staff, offering creative and strategic direction for the firm’s continued growth and evolution, and assuming responsible roles in business development and management. His humor and empathy along with his passion to understand and meet the needs of each project endear clients and colleagues alike. His willingness to take on any challenge that improves our practice, embraces new technologies, and advances the firm’s pursuit of design excellence and social purpose, defines the new leadership role to which he has been promoted.


Devin Canton, AIA

Innovative and persistent, Devin pushes us along the leading edge of design visualization technology while providing the care and support to assure that we all succeed. His leadership assures HMFH is constantly looking forward and evolving, allowing us to collaborate when we are apart from one another. By introducing virtual and augmented reality as a design tool, he helps clients “see” and discover the buildings that we have envisioned.

James Liebman, AIA

Since coming to HMFH with a breadth of award-winning project experience, James has demonstrated his enthusiasm for project leadership and office culture. As a collaborative teammate and project manager with well-rounded skills, James digs into the details of complex projects while always keeping an eye on the big picture. From providing input in office-wide design reviews to organizing HMFH meal donations to a local shelter, James exemplifies good-natured leadership in all aspects of our work and culture

Melissa Greene, AIA

Since joining HMFH 15 years ago, Melissa’s creative but methodical approach as an architect and role as design leader have contributed to the firm’s pursuit of design excellence in ever larger and more complex projects. By assuming responsibility for our weekly office-wide project pin-up and discussion, Melissa promotes understanding of the firm’s design principles and assures that all our projects benefit from an inclusive, open and robust process. As an active volunteer in community design review, Melissa shares her creative passion and reinforces the firm’s commitment to community engagement.


Andrea Yoder, AIA

Whether solving a knotty technical challenge, finalizing a set of construction documents, or communicating a new design solution to her client, Andrea is always conscientious and creative. She has earned the trust of her colleagues and clients alike with her reliability and consistently high quality work in every aspect of architectural practice. Her longstanding involvement with HMFH’s Sustainability Committee and the BSA’s Women in Design program exemplify her commitment to the profession.

Ania Matteson

Ania translates complex needs into coherent design solutions that elevate the educational experience and strengthen HMFH’s K-12 practice. Her collaborative mindset and approach to each project facilitate an intentional, robust design discourse. Her inquisitive nature that promotes creativity in the design process and her meticulous pursuit of workable solutions are the essence of design leadership.

Caitlin Osepchuk, AIA

Caitlin’s natural leadership paired with her expertise in all phases of project development makes her particularly adept at bringing people and ideas together. She is a model of emerging leadership at HMFH in her role as a project architect and active support of other emerging professionals in the industry. As a mentor and in her role as the Young Architect Regional Director (YARD) for AIA New England, Caitlin’s passion for helping others develop their voice and achieve licensure demonstrates her deep commitment to the architectural profession.

Justin Viglianti, AIA

Justin is a resource both in and outside the office with expertise that has facilitated the growth of our practice. From his clear graphic explanations of early design concepts to the generation of on-site solutions during construction, Justin is a tenacious problem solver. Driven by his passion for helping others, Justin leads a professional development training program at HMFH, thoughtfully mentors new staff, and teaches courses in architecture and urbanism at MassArt.

Sara Rosenthal, AIA

Sara’s creative thinking and commitment to the collaborative process that defines HMFH’s design culture are assets to any project team or internal working group. Her skillful focus on effective and creative solutions in all endeavors from internal IT and Standards committees to her role as project architect are valued by colleagues and clients, while her tireless contributions to improving our workflow elevates all that we do.