HMFH Architects

Designing for Equitable Learning

At HMFH, we know that the success of any public project depends on community support. We begin each new design with a community process that engages stakeholder groups to establish a definitive set of project priorities. In the latest publication of Techniques by the Association for Career & Technical Education, HMFH principal Tina Stanislaski’s article Designing for Equitable Learning outlines the extensive visioning process and how it shaped the design of the new Dover High School & Career Technical Education Center into a facility that promotes an equitable learning experience for all 1,500 students.

HMFH worked with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and local officials to determine the vision for the new high school and career technical center. Through a series of workshops, the group identified two overarching project goals: fully integrating academic and career-tech programs and creating a school that offers resources and multiple uses for the Dover community. Rather than divide the building into two separate wings for academic and CTE students, the new design blends classroom, laboratory sciences, and career-tech learning spaces, bringing students from both programs together in a single learning community while allowing teachers to easily collaborate across disciplines. The school not only meets the needs of students and faculty, but the surrounding community – ensuring that the investment benefits all.

For further insight into the engagement process, how our design advanced the community vision, and lessons learned along the way, read the full article here.