HMFH Architects

Engaging Students in Design Thinking

As an active member of the BSA Foundation Mentoring Program, HMFH is committed to sharing our passion and providing all students access to design education.

This February, HMFH took part in a Design Thinking opportunity intended to expose students to careers in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and more. In partnership with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) and the Boston Society for Architecture (BSA), we collaborated with designers from the Sasaki Foundation, Goody Clancy, and Finegold Alexander to provide learning and career exploration experiences to Boston public high school students during their school vacation week.

HMFH led a presentation describing the construction documentation phase of an architectural project followed by an interactive activity where we asked students to design a desk that encompasses their own personal needs in a learning space while considering design at all scales.

The team was thrilled at the opportunity to talk with students about what a career in architecture entails. Using current HMFH projects including Saugus Middle/High School, Fales Elementary School, and Arlington High School as examples, we walked them through the complex and collaborative process behind creating a building, highlighting the care and detail that goes into even the smallest design decisions and the extensive consultant team who work with us on a daily basis. The session had students engaged and eager to learn more, both about the design process and potential careers within the design field they hadn’t previously been aware of.

Through an interactive design activity, HMFHers then challenged each student to think critically about what a learning space means to them and what design elements could help realize this space. The students presented their designs using virtual technology which allowed them to share ideas among peers and receive personalized feedback from the designers at HMFH. Our team was impressed by the creativity and the level of consideration put into the final designs.

Uplifting young designers and encouraging their creativity is an important piece of our firm’s culture, and we continually strive to connect with students through meaningful experiences and personal interaction to promote design thinking and make the profession accessible to all. After a very positive and rewarding experience this February break, we look forward to returning in April where we will continue sharing our passion with the next generation of young architects.