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When we’re occupying public spaces, whether schools, libraries or other shared community facilities, we might notice design elements or lighting conditions but many of us would not necessarily think about carbon. For Suni Dillard, a carbon-conscious architect and sustainability leader at HMFH, carbon is often at the forefront of her mind – specifically embodied carbon.

As an active member of the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) Boston, Suni is part of a group of Architecture, Engineering & Construction practitioners and sustainability advocates working to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment. Building upon the Boston Society of Architects’ 12-part Embodied Carbon series, Suni is participating in a new series hosted by the BSA and organized by the Carbon Leadership Forum: Boston Impact 2021. On June 22nd, she’ll join a panel to discuss the design process for public projects and identify critical actions to implement embodied carbon reduction strategies.

To register for the session on June 22nd at 3:00 p.m. follow the link below:
Substitutions Not Accepted—Bringing Embodied Carbon Goals into the Public Bid Process