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Intern Spotlight:
Olivia Ouellette

At HMFH, we are committed to sharing our expertise with the next generation of architects. For the next installment of our Intern Spotlight series highlighting the work and accomplishments of our dedicated interns and co-ops, we’d like to introduce Olivia Ouellette: a fifth-year architecture student at Northeastern University who joined us on co-op this year.

Since starting at HMFH in January, Olivia has established herself as a dedicated co-worker and a valuable resource on our project teams, navigating the transition from a fully remote to partially in-person office with flexibility and a positive attitude. She has been involved in numerous projects across the firm, lending her expertise in everything from 3-D printing to create detailed site models, to generating marketing level graphics, to completing detailed submittals on tight deadlines for Arlington High School.

We checked in with Olivia to discuss her co-op experience thus far and learn more about her background and plans for the future.

What drew you to architecture?

Architecture was something my dad suggested to me in high school when I began thinking about future career options–the stereotypical “I like math but I’m also creative and want to pursue something exciting” choice. I didn’t know anything about architecture before I got to school, so I feel lucky to love it as much as I do. I realized quickly how much architecture affects everybody, regardless of how well-versed you are, and I think it’s exciting to be entering a profession that impacts people’s lives in such a tangible way.

What’s been your favorite experience at HMFH?

I got to work on the Lowell Charter School feasibility study for my first project when I started in January. Most of my previous co-op was spent helping with construction documents, so it was fun to experience a different phase of the process. I really enjoyed sitting in on meetings with the school building committee and consultants too.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m starting my last year of undergrad in the fall and then I’m planning on getting my master’s. After that, I’m not sure! I’d love to move to NYC and work there, but that’s still a few years away so we’ll see what happens.

Do you have any advice for fellow future architects?

Take advantage of every opportunity you get. There are so many paths you can take with an architecture education, so be open to everything and you’ll find what you love!

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