HMFH Architects

Intern Spotlight:
Samuel Burfeind

At HMFH, we are committed to sharing our expertise with the next generation of architects. For the next installment of our Intern Spotlight series highlighting the work and accomplishments of our dedicated interns and co-ops, we’d like to introduce Samuel Burfeind: a rising college freshman at Worcester Polytechnic Institute who joined HMFH as an intern this summer through the Boston Private Industry Council.

At HMFH, Samuel has experienced the day-to-day life of an architectural designer, from constructing physical models, to gathering data for LEED submissions, to visiting active project construction sites including the new Arlington High School and Chapman Middle School.

We checked in with Samuel to discuss his thoughts on the internship experience thus far and learn more about his plans for the future.

What drew you to architecture?

I was initially looking for an internship in the STEM field to prepare for my college career and was drawn to architecture because I am interested in both the artistic side of design and the more practical side of engineering. Architecture seemed like a fun way to balance the two.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned during your internship at HMFH?

I’d say the most valuable thing I learned from my time here are the basics of architecture, as I really didn’t know how involved and collaborative the field could be before my internship.

What has been your favorite experience at HMFH to date?

I’ve been a part of a number of projects and tasks since joining HMFH, but I’d say my favorite so far has to be working in the model shop. I love the combination of laser-cutting and hand-assembling different pieces to create scale models of buildings.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future interns?

Stay organized and focused on your current objective. There is so much to do that it’s easy to become distracted if you try to juggle too many tasks at once.

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