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Strategies for Evaluating Complex Educational Facility Renovations

In an article published in Retrofit magazine, HMFH Associate Pete Rust, AIA describes steps for holistically evaluating an existing building’s opportunity for sustainability and longevity when faced with the decision to renovate or build new.

The opportunity to renovate educational facilities can quickly become a complex undertaking. However, understanding the potential benefits of renovation versus new construction in terms of embodied carbon, resilience and cost-effectiveness will provide the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision for communities and their school systems. HMFH’s Pete Rust, AIA breaks this decision down in three clear-cut steps in the article Educational Facility Renovation: Practical Guidance to Increase Long-term Sustainability while Reducing Anxiety, citing examples from HMFH projects Florida Ruffin Ridley School, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School, Chapman Middle School and Bristol County Agricultural High School.

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Bristol County Agricultural High School


Florida Ruffin Ridley School


Boston Renaissance Charter Public School