HMFH Architects

Intern Spotlight:
Jielle Paul
& Omarlyn Martinez

We are pleased to welcome two Northeastern co-ops to the team, Jielle Paul and Omarlyn Martinez, who will be joining HMFH through the Summer of 2022.

Both architecture students at Northeastern University, Jielle and Omarlyn will be involved in various projects around the office. From helping develop designs to generating architectural visualizations for many of our K-12 clients, they will be an integral part of the firm and gain first-hand insight into the design process and daily flow of an architecture firm.

We sat down with Jielle and Omarlyn to learn a little bit more about their backgrounds, interests, and what led them to pursue architecture.

Q: Where did you grow up?

Jielle: I’m from a small, rural town in northwest Florida.

Omarlyn: I am originally from the Dominican Republic but immigrated to Massachusetts with my family when I was nine years old. What I miss most about my hometown is the weather, the beaches, and the culture. My favorite season in Boston is Spring and Summertime when the city becomes alive with the blooming trees and flowers.

Q: How did you become interested in architecture and design?

Jielle: As a child, after my parents refused to buy me a Dreamhouse for my Barbie dolls, I decided to design and build my own dollhouse. I had so much fun that I later created a large fort in my bedroom to live in. By the time I got to high school, I began taking 3D art class and developed an interest in building expressive and functional forms. My art teacher took notice and suggested I pursue a career in architecture. After some research, I realized that it was the perfect fit for my interests.

Omarlyn: When I was young, I was fascinated and excited by my mom’s plan to design and build a small mausoleum for my grandfather, prompted by the deteriorating conditions of the existing mausoleum. In the Dominican Republic, mausoleums are becoming increasingly elaborate and ornate. More and more families wish to have a place to visit and pay respects to their deceased relatives. My family was no different, and the process of building something that could last generations fascinated me. During this time, I drew ideas for what the mausoleum could look like and what color of paint to use. I remember drawing elevations at the time and remember how intricate my drawings got the more time and energy I put into them. My mom encouraged all of this and even provided feedback to improve my sketches. In the end, the mausoleum did not get built, but the experience stuck with me and led to my choice to pursue architecture.

Q: Do you have a favorite architect or a favorite style of architecture?

Jielle: To be honest, I don’t have a favorite architect or a favorite style. As an aspiring architect, I get asked this question a lot and I never know how to answer it. There are too many amazing architects to choose between and I love them all for different reasons. As for architecture styles, what I love most is when buildings are both functional and expressive. My favorite buildings are the ones that are able to tell a story and reflect the characters (people) that occupy it.

Omarlyn: I really would like to say I do not have a favorite architect/designer because I feel like some great architecture and architects have gone unnoticed in the past. However, I am very fond of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and the Prairie style homes he often designed. I love Wright’s incorporation of nature and open space in his designs. The style reminds me of my hometown because people often incorporate nature design elements into their homes.

Q: What are some things you are looking forward to learning at HMFH?

Jielle: I look forward to learning by example of all the talented workers here and understanding a little bit more of what it is like to be a practicing architect. I would also love to explore how I can combine my love for film with my passion for architecture.

Omarlyn: I hope to learn as much as possible about the design and construction process as well as how to use technical programs such as Revit more effectively. I am skilled in 3D modeling but would like to develop my 2D representation skills further.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of architecture?

Jielle: All my life I have had a huge interest in photography and have been pursuing this hobby since I got my first camera when I was about 3 or 4 years old. While I have chosen not to pursue it professionally, it is still something I love to do in my free time.

Omarlyn: My hobbies include photography, drawing/sketching, painting, digital illustrating, and video games. I have recently become obsessed with Cities: Skylines, a city-building game, which can get very technical and complicated, but I love it very much! I am still trying to layout the perfect street system!