HMFH Architects

Introducing HMFH’s Newest Designers

We are thrilled to welcome four new team members to the firm in the role of Designer 1: Hannah, Jake, Nallely and Erxiao. These aspiring architects each bring a fresh perspective and diverse skillset to support various projects across the firm, from local affordable housing to a 1,400 student regional career technical school. Learn more about each new team member below.


Hannah Keith

Hannah joins HMFH after earning her Master’s Degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a member of the project team for Supportive Housing at 116 Norfolk Street, Hannah is helping to finalize the design of a renovation and addition to an affordable housing building in Cambridge, MA.

  • Hannah’s interest in educational architecture began with her graduate thesis: Redefining the Classroom
  • Outside of the office, Hannah puts her creative skillset to use through hobbies including drawing, painting and photography


Jake Picariello

A recent graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology where he earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Jake is a team member on Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School. Bristol-Plymouth is a 420,000 SF high school in Taunton, MA and our largest project to date.

  • From a young age, Jake has always enjoyed figuring out how things go together and initially thought he would pursue civil engineering before starting his career in architecture
  • Jake enjoys playing the guitar as well as cooking large meals for family and friends


Nallely Salazar

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture from Boston Architectural College, Nallely is a team member on Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School, where she is developing construction documentation for this career-focused high school.

  • Nallely’s favorite architect is Tatiana Bilbao for her unique design approach that helps build community identity
  • In an effort to increase access to the design profession, Nallely is involved with YouthBuild Boston, a program that empowers students through hands-on design and construction training


Erxiao Chu

Erxiao joins HMFH after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University. In his role at HMFH, he produces drawings and graphics for both project teams and marketing efforts such as renderings of the new Josiah Quincy Upper School, a high-rise school in downtown Boston, MA.

  • Aside from architecture, Erxiao also enjoys video games and playing soccer
  • Erxiao was once awarded first prize in a graffiti competition