HMFH Architects

Laboratories for Learning

A recent article by David Sokol for Oculus, the publication of AIA NY, cites HMFH Principal Tina Stanislaski for her insight into the rise of Career Technical Education (CTE) in modern curriculums and work on the new Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School—the pilot project in a healthy material research initiative. Featured among other notable K-12 projects making advancements in sustainable design, Bristol-Plymouth underscores the integral role of sustainability as a teaching tool in Career Technical Education.

“There used to be a stigma associated with a vocational school—that it was for bad kids,” says architect Tina Stanislaski, who recalls touring an older New Hampshire high school that had relegated its technical classes to the basement. But the principal of HMFH Architects, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also notes that the perception is shifting, as is corresponding demand. “There’s a whole population of kids who appreciate learning by doing, and there’s an influx of colleges that want to accept students with vocational experience,” Stanislaski says.”

Read the full article here to learn more about hands-on education and sustainability at Bristol-Plymouth and examples of high-performance K-12 facilities.