HMFH Architects

Brooks, Columbus, and
Roberts Schools

These three new elementary schools share virtually identical programs, and are housed in three very different buildings that each reflect their unique neighborhood and site contexts. The efficient, four-story plans include compact classroom wings that intersect with larger core spaces such as the cafetorium and gym. Pre-K and Kindergarten occupy the ground floors with direct access to outdoor play areas. Upper grades, along with specialized classrooms and art, music, science, and the media center, fill the upper floors.

The Brooks School sits in a prominent civic location on a main street in the city. Its predecessor held some historic interest for the community and the new building mimics its curving bays and pitched roof. Columbus’ tight corner site slopes down to a public park at the rear and required extensive ramping and site walls to connect the small amphitheater and play areas nearest the school with the park beyond. The simple facade of the Roberts School responds to the surrounding neighborhood streetscape.

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