HMFH Architects

Princeton University Art Museum Forrestal Storage

Princeton University’s art collection contained more than 68,000 objects and its growth necessitated an offsite storage facility. HMFH worked in association with Solomon + Bauer Architects on a study to design a 27,900 sf new facility, located at the university’s Forrestal campus, that provides climate-controlled collection storage areas with high-density storage systems, workrooms, study rooms for scholarly research, and a small number of offices.

Much of the interior is organized around the progression of artwork through the building, from loading bay through documentation and photography to storage in a custom-designed system of sliding screens for hanging art and rolling drawers for smaller pieces. Smaller areas include museum support, such as exhibit-related carpentry and publication storage, and a suite of offices and study space. The collection storage areas are protected by a clean-agent fire suppression system and all window glass and light fixtures are designed with UV filters to further protect artwork. A geothermal heat pump system and a porous parking area contribute to the building’s sustainability.

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