HMFH Architects

The Lincoln Schools

Lincoln, MA

Responding to the client’s desire to consolidate the primary and elementary grades under one roof, HMFH’s solution of a unified K-8 complex for 600 students was created by extensive renovations to the existing school facilities, the addition of a cluster of kindergarten classrooms, and a major addition linking the Brooks (Upper) and Smith (Lower) Schools.

  • Student Population 650
  • Grades K-8
  • Size 134,755 ft2

This link contains standard classrooms designed to serve either primary or middle school students as populations shift, technology and life skills classrooms, and the new heart of the campus—a library/technology center. The new link is anchored by a bell tower that serves as a focal point and welcomes students and visitors to campus.

This library/technology center is both the physical and informational hub of the campus and provides students of all ages with resources for research, quiet study, and exploration. Technology abounds, not only in the library, where computers are available for research, but also in dedicated writing, computer, and video laboratories adjacent to the main reading room.

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