HMFH Architects

Bristol County Agricultural High School

Construction is underway at Bristol County Agricultural High School. Bristol Aggie students practice hands-on farming and agricultural work, and the design of the new and renovated spaces transforms every element of the campus into a teaching tool: students maintain the campus grounds themselves, and the new Center for Science and the Environment acts as a living learning lab. While the previous organization maintained a separation between the vocational and academic spaces, a new pedestrian spine will link both programs and create a holistic feeling between the north and south campuses.

Both interior and exterior spaces throughout the campus are designed to achieve sustainability goals that were developed through continuous visioning with stakeholders from the school and community. Sustainable material choices significantly reduce carbon usage in the new Student Commons, the CSE is designed to LEED Gold standards, and Gilbert Hall, to LEED Silver; the new Dairy Barn is a net-zero energy design.