HMFH Architects

Chapman Middle School

Through several visioning sessions with community members, school administrators, students, and parents in Weymouth, the following design goals were established for the Chapman Middle School:

Community Engagement: Create a welcoming, safe, open learning environment and campus that serves Weymouth’s students, faculty, families and larger community. Ensure the school is a symbol of pride for the town.

Small Learning Communities: To help create a more intimate feeling within the large school, design semi-independent academic houses. Locate these smaller learning communities arrayed around a shared academic “town square.”

Cross-Disciplinary Learning: Showcase STEAM-based exploratory labs and design each smaller learning community to support cross-disciplinary teaching teams.

Nurture the Whole Student: Support social emotional development by promoting active lifestyles, project-based learning, and creative expression. Create places and opportunities for movement, connection with the outdoors, hands-on activities, and artistic performance.

A Responsible School Building: Conserve energy and reduce impact on the environment; ensure abundant natural light and views, healthy air quality, and universal acoustic treatment throughout. Build a building that will work for generations of Weymouth residents.

Learn more about the project and follow its progress here.