Architectural Graphics:
Enhancing the Educational Experience

Whether spanning from floor to ceiling in multi-story public atriums or situated along a central corridor, bold and dynamic custom-made graphics have become a signature of HMFH schools, helping to connect students to their academics, the natural environment, and their surrounding community.

Designing facilities that inspire a passion for learning is the core of our practice and, understanding that learning styles are not one-size-fits-all, the learning environments we create cultivate an immersive experience for students where all architectural elements culminate in a space that engages intellectual curiosity and prioritizes student wellbeing. Our in-house, custom-made graphics play a central role in what sets an HMFH school apart from others. Tailored to reflect the unique identity, culture and educational values of each client, these graphics support the student experience by transforming the space with bold colors and dynamic compositions that engage young minds.

In this elementary school setting, our graphics take on a new life as whimsical, storybook-style art pieces designed to create a warm and playful environment for young K-3 students. Inspired by the school’s surrounding landscape, academic spaces at Fales are organized into four different zones, each represented by a different ecosystem–forest, meadow, marshland, and pond–and a corresponding color palette.

Depicted in these large-scale wall graphics, the four ecosystems each feature the beloved Fales mascot, Annie the Hedgehog. Students can follow her adventures through the various landscapes as she interacts with different native creatures along the way. Situated in the project area of each academic zone, as well as along the main cafeteria wall, these graphics work to captivate the student’s imaginations while familiarizing them with their own natural environment. They strengthen students’ connection with nature and in doing so, promote environmental stewardship.

At Bristol Aggie–a unique agricultural high school that promotes a hands-on, exploratory approach to learning–the entire campus is designed to function as a teaching tool for its students. Custom-made graphics support this vision by illustrating scientific concepts from Bristol Aggie’s curriculum and breaking them down in a way that is easily understandable and visually compelling.

Mounted on walls, windows and stairwells, the graphics are present all throughout the Bristol Aggie campus, putting science and sustainability on display while strengthening the school culture. Whether illustrating the complex process of the fast and slow carbon cycles, breaking down the different components of a vegetative roof garden, or comparing the makeup of plant and animal cells, academics are informally reinforced enabling students to gain a deeper understanding on their own terms.

The new combined Middle High School celebrates Saugus’ history and culture with original wall graphics honoring some of the town’s iconic landmarks, industries, and people. Vibrant colors are interwoven with historic imagery and illustrated elements to create compelling compositions that visually communicate the story of Saugus and help students appreciate the richness of their community.

As students move through three academic pods with distinct identities, they encounter some of these dynamic, multi-story supergraphics along monumental lightwells, depicting Saugus’ pioneering industries in ice, iron and lobstering. The graphics establish a unique identity for each pod that fosters a sense of belonging among students and assists in wayfinding throughout the large complex.