Chapman Middle School Receives Educational Facilities Design Award


Our design of the new Chapman Middle School is the recipient of a Grand Prize Award in Learning by Design’s Spring 2023 Educational Facilities Design Awards program. A national recognition, the award honors projects that incorporate next generation learning spaces and planning concepts.

Recognized by the jury for excellence in six categories including its organizational strategy, community-oriented spaces, and innovative approach to exploratory, team-based learning, the new Chapman Middle School is the culmination of a collaborative vision between the designers and community.

The Town Square—the school’s central hub—is a flexible gathering space for community events, informal study, and dining. Exploratory labs in the tower structures surrounding the Town Square provide specialized facilities for career pathway programs, which are an integral and unique part of the school’s curriculum.

Project areas, outdoor classrooms, and breakout spaces in the academic wings reinforce Weymouth’s commitment to modern educational delivery and a well-rounded student experience. The emphasis on inclusive, hands-on learning combined with high-level design and unique spaces for students, faculty, and community members contributed to the project’s recognition.

“This is a unique and exciting design for a middle school. Interior spaces are well programmed and organized to celebrate gathering in common areas while successfully separating different grade levels.”

Jury Comments | Learning by Design