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Erica Metzger
Associate Principal, HR and Operations Manager, and Stockholder

With patience, grace, and diplomacy, Erica not only keeps the office’s operations running smoothly but creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for employees and visitors alike. Erica understands the inner workings of our firm like no one else and deftly manages all aspects of office operations with equanimity. She is instrumental in HMFH’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practices, such as firm-wide training sessions and career pathway programs that introduce students to the design profession. Erica works tirelessly to foster an inclusive work environment where all voices and contributions are valued equally and employees feel empowered to explore their passions, demonstrating that a successful architectural practice is built on a foundation of strong management and human kindness.

I am proud that the buildings and spaces we design are worthwhile, important, and improve the lives of people and communities.