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George Metzger


Principal Emeritus

With steady leadership and a commitment to collaboration, George guided HMFH through five decades of design excellence, directing numerous impactful public projects and instilling values of community, inclusivity, and responsible design in all that we do. Understanding that a successful project should benefit all users, George’s designs are marked by their ability to promote, enhance, and support the community. As a Project Director, George both nurtured and challenged his colleagues to ensure that the firm remained committed to its clients, true to its values, and open to change. He is particularly proud to have led the firm from its beginnings as a small, all-white, male practice to the diverse workplace and certified women-owned business it is today. As President of the Boston Society for Architecture (BSA), he championed the BSA’s role in shaping public policy to improve the built environment for all, a fitting legacy for the fourth-generation George Metzger architect in his family.





Good design elevates utility—function and purpose—to an aesthetic level that reflects creativity, imagination, and culture.