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Lori Cowles


Principal and Stockholder

Energized by design challenges of all shapes and sizes and committed to cultivating meaningful places for living and learning, Lori’s leadership infuses HMFH with a culture of creativity and passion. She is driven and decisive in her design approach yet fosters a collaborative environment where all feel empowered to contribute. Lori’s big-picture-small-picture skills are well matched to her work distilling complex client needs into imaginative but practical design solutions, as evidenced in projects including a new high school that connects disciplines along a versatile, light-filled central core and a contemporary middle school constructed on a 1.4-acre urban site with the existing school in operation, just nine feet away. A strong communicator and presenter, Lori’s ability to articulate a project vision is instrumental in gathering community ideas and garnering support. Her involvement in local organizations such as the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and CASPAR Advisory Committee deepens HMFH’s ties to the Cambridge community.


When design solves challenges efficiently, effectively, and elegantly, the final design outcome seems inevitable.