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Philip “Pip” Lewis



Pip enjoys solving design problems, especially complex urban ones. With over 40 years of experience at HMFH, he guides each client to a successful outcome, working in close collaboration to tackle budget, design, and logistical challenges, as well as community concerns. Through engagement and iteration, he develops design solutions that exceed expectations in unexpected ways. Extensive work with urban communities, charter schools, and renovations of all scales affords Pip a unique perspective. He knows how to reduce the risk of a complex renovation or a tight site in a sensitive neighborhood while shaping the design to enrich the lives of both occupants and neighbors. An unwavering advocate for diversity in the profession, Pip championed the HMFH Scholarship Fund with Boston Architectural College to increase educational opportunities for underrepresented populations and is a leader of the firm’s Racial Equity and Diversity Committee, which promotes equity and diversity in the workplace and locally through outreach efforts within marginalized communities of color.

A well-planned environment enriches the lives of its users and inspires them to higher levels of aspiration and achievement.