HMFH Architects

Alma del Mar
Charter School

As the Alma del Mar Charter School looked to build a new facility to house their 400 K-8 students, the school turned to HMFH to help them realize this ambition. The new Alma del Mar replaces a deteriorating, 20,000 sf building that had been plagued with a number of deficiencies, including visible cracks and inadequate space. Despite a tight schedule and budget, HMFH worked closely with the school to find creative ways to expand their program while still providing their students with an inspiring, high quality learning environment.

Because the new Alma del Mar is both a boost to the neighborhood and an investment in the future of north New Bedford, HMFH worked closely with the community to create the best possible spaces for both the students and the town. This new 43,000 sf facility provides a modern learning environment for students with shared multi-use spaces, and brightly-colored, light-filled classrooms. The school also features multiple spaces that can accommodate a wide range of uses within the limited footprint of the building. For example, the gym and cafeteria, which sit next to each other, can be opened up to create a large space for both school and community use. Playfields and parking will be built where the former Alma del Mar building stood, and will provide both play space for the students and a new space for New Bedford’s annual Feast of the Blessed Sacrament.

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