HMFH Architects

Arthur D. Healey School

  • Students 760
  • Grades K-8
  • Size 90,000 ft2

The Healey School was a success even before construction was completed. Students from the neighborhood clamored to see their bright new classrooms, play in the expansive new gym, and inspect the view from the upper floors. Designed for 760 students in grades K-8, the new Healey School replaced a virtually windowless, bunker-like structure in this urban community

Primary, elementary, and middle grades are clustered on their own floors using a compact plan with short corridors. The result is a small, friendly feel for this deceptively small, 90,000-sf school.

Programmatically, the Healey School features many specialized teaching spaces, including a technology lab that combines traditional wood shop materials with modern robotics systems, and a science lab designed so that each four-student station has its own sink, gas, and computer. Other spaces include a language laboratory, as well as computer, bilingual, art, and music classrooms.

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