HMFH Architects

Bridge Boston
Charter School

Roxbury, MA

Bridge Boston, a public charter school drawing students from Boston’s most underserved communities, engaged HMFH to renovate and expand a former community health center into a new home for the growing PK-8 school. A full renovation of an existing five-story building, a 3,000 sf addition, and stand-alone gym provide a range of spaces to meet the school’s mission to nurture the whole child.

People walk around the atrium, wave across the way, watch a child being hugged down below - they come together as a team, build bonds and are sustained in the challenging work.

Beth Kressley Goldstein President, Board of Trustees
  • Grades Pk-8
  • Students 400
  • Size 46,000 ft2

A day-lit, two-story open atrium at the heart of the school is activated by student and staff use throughout the day and offers a welcoming space for families and visitors. Centrally located, the atrium creates a library/multi-purpose space with nooks for students and educators to work one on one, collaborate, and, with movable furniture, also houses all-school performances. Designed to support the school’s wrap-around services and social-emotional based curriculum, there are a range of small group rooms and support spaces that build upon the rigorous academic program.

The design ensures that students and families feel safe and supported. Visually connected spaces, carefully integrated acoustics, plentiful natural light and calming colors and material choice help transform the formerly austere space into a vibrant school community where students can seek refuge, thrive, and learn.

The colors throughout the building are warm, bright and happy. Combined with the natural light flowing through the space (and through the doors, windows in the atrium and all those big windows that you designed into interior spaces), it is very special.

Beth Kressley GoldsteinPresident, Board of Trustees, Bridge Boston Charter School
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