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Coastal Cement Corporation

The terminal located at the Boston Marine Industrial Park is used for the storage and distribution of several types of cement, and serves as the home office for Coastal Cement Corporation. 

The project consists of a 14,000 SF office building/bagging facility, four storage silos, and equipment for conveying the cement.  Cement tankers are unloaded via a pneumatic enclosed conveying system into four 7,000 metric ton silos.  An enclosed withdrawal and distribution system allows cement to be bulk loaded into tank trucks or packaged into bags for shipment on flat bed trucks.  The site includes a waterfront park, parking area for trucks waiting to be loaded, and landscaped areas and walks.

The project received the top honor award for excellence on the waterfront in a national competition sponsored by the Waterfront Center, and received the 1990 New England Regional Council/AIA honor award for new commercial construction.  The project was also awarded for excellence in concrete building design by the Portland Cement Association, and the Association of General Contractors.

It's a beautiful, bold composition of four tall round silos and one low office that has much of the drama and sculptural power of the great industrial buildings of America's past.

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