HMFH Architects

East Boston Early Education Center

HMFH designed a compact three-story building in response to a constricted site in a Boston neighborhood mostly comprised of three- and four-story brick rowhouses. Because the Early Education Center is located in an urban neighborhood and shares its site with the existing McKay Elementary School, the building is designed on three levels to preserve as much outdoor play space as possible.

On the exterior of the building, simple block masonry and detailed brick skin reflects the scale and rhythm of the surrounding residential streetscape and the bas relief panels along the facade continue a transportation theme established by the neighboring school.

Designed to accommodate 300 kindergarten students in 12 classrooms, the building also includes a multi-purpose room, cafeteria, and library. Classrooms are arranged in two two-room modules per floor and share a small office/project room with the adjacent classroom.  An enclosed play area occupies the sunniest corner of the site and serves both the school and surrounding community.

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