HMFH Architects

Everett High School

Everett, MA

The City of Everett faced a number of obstacles in replacing its comprehensive high school. With limited space available for large-scale construction in this small, densely populated city, the most viable site was a parcel of parkland that would not only house the large high school, but would also provide the space necessary for playfields and parking.

The school is built into the side of a hill, stepping down the hill for a total of six stories. However, from the residential neighborhood at the top of the site, the building is just two stories.

Tina Stanislaski, AIA HMFH Architects
  • Students 1900
  • Grades 9-12
  • Size 325,000 ft2

Following a protracted approvals process, the city hired HMFH to review the existing documents for constructability and compliance with evolving building codes, and to complete final design of the high school. Through careful review of the original program, HMFH was able to reduce the original project cost and square footage while adding program space, including four classrooms and two science labs. In addition, HMFH’s energy-efficient re-design resulted in electric and natural gas utility rebates totaling nearly $350,000.

This comprehensive high school overflows with specialized spaces, including shops for carpentry, electrical, and machine work, as well as facilities for computer drafting, digital photography, video production, and culinary arts instruction. Athletics and the arts are well-supported by a full-sized auditorium, a gymnasium, a weight room, a gymnastics studio, and playing fields. In a unique effort to support student health as well as learning needs, a full-time student health clinic was also developed as part of the campus.

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