HMFH Architects

Groton Dunstable
Regional High School

This new 850-student high school is designed with two distinct wings around a shared core, and serves as a community resource with a 300-seat auditorium and an 800-seat gymnasium at the center of the school. The central dining commons serves as the main lobby–an informal student gathering space that is a visual link to the academic wings. An exterior curved glass wall offers views of the campus and adjacent conservation land and an interior glass wall connects the library with the commons and the gymnasium.

Grades 9-10 occupy one wing of the school and grades 11-12 are housed in the other; and in each wing, math and science classrooms are concentrated on the lower floor with humanities classrooms on the upper floor. The school also features an art suite with separate ceramics studio and dark room, a television studio shared by the local cable television station, and a media center.

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