HMFH Architects

Westborough Elementary Schools

Westborough, MA

As a fast-growing population was putting pressure on the Town of Westborough’s elementary schools, HMFH conducted a study to determine the quickest and most efficient ways to support increasing enrollment. Solutions included designing a new Early Childhood Center for Hastings Elementary School, and converting modular classrooms into permanent ones through an addition and renovation at Armstrong Elementary School.

Previously, at Hastings, the Pre-K classrooms were in the main elementary building, limiting the space they had. The construction of a new building to house the early education program, in addition to increasing the school’s capacity, allowed the design team to carefully customize the space to support young learners of varying needs.

At Armstrong, an addition and renovation also facilitated more inclusive learning. While modular classrooms that had housed special education classes felt separate from the main building, replacing them with permanent classrooms strengthens the school community. The new classrooms are designed with a flexible layout, allowing the space to support a range of class types, and can adapt as the school’s needs require.

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